On Episode 37, Korey Wallace breaks down what made him change his mind about pretending to be someone else at work

Why I Don’t Code Switch at Work as a Black Male, with Korey Wallace

To code switch or not to code switch, that is the question. On today’s episode, Korey explains why he decided enough was enough – he was going to be himself 100% at work everyday and not try to fit into the mold any longer. Do you think this is doable for BIPOC and/or marginalized folks?

As BIPOC folks, we tend to mute parts of ourselves at work – in an effort to fit in and be successful – Korey Wallace, our guest, makes a case for NOT doing that.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • What it means to get a degree in Infrastructure Technology (IT) and the career paths it can lead to

  • What Korey did when he graduated in 2009 (around the Great Recession) and his job offer got rescinded

  • How Korey overcame imposter syndrome and a trying to fill a major stretch role at his new job that required engineering skills (he was not an engineer!)

  • How working abroad in Europe shifted his perspective forever – and inspired him to ALWAYS be himself at work, no matter what

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