On Episode 56, find out why it’s SO important that you create our Career Portfolio (inventory of your skills, strengths and greatest hits) before your job search!

56. How To Figure Out Your Next Career Move, Pt. 3: (Prototypes & Career Portfolio)

Welcome back to the Career Exploration Series that began on Episode 46, 49 and 52! On this episode, Priscilla dives into 2 critical topics: 1) Building your career portfolio, and 2) Protoyping – AKA running career experiments before committing to a path.  Your career portfolio takes stock of your strengths, transferable skills and “Greatest Hits”.

On this solo episode, Priscilla shares 2 strategies that you need to do as you begin to narrow in on your career exploration: the Career Portfolio and Protoyping.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why you can’t approach your career exploration as if you were on “Married at First Sight” TV Show and should absolutely first date and get to know your career options (via Prototypes)

  • How to conduct a thorough review of your top skills, strengths and “Greatest Hits” so that you can build your Career Portfolio¬†

  • The types of Career Experiments that you can run depending on your runway (how long you have in terms of time / your resources before your next career move)

  • Ready to make a career change?

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