Isabel S.

Financial Analyst

Isabel got a $30K salary bump and pivoted into tech startup back home in Los Angeles

I was at a very stable job doing something that I liked, but did not love. I really liked the people I worked with, but knew the job and company I was at was not long term. I was very unhappy with my pay, which was around 60k, and was not passionate about the work I was doing. Priscilla really helped me realize that I was a desirable candidate, and how to be able to communicate my skill sets to others. In terms of know-how, she taught me how to go about the job search and application process, which gave me the confidence to push myself when applying to jobs I didn’t know if I was qualified for. Priscilla is understanding and very personable. I always felt so comfortable being vulnerable with her and that was incredibly helpful throughout this process. I accepted a job offer that I received within 6 months of working with Priscilla. This offer satisfied my Top 3 Career Non-Negotiables and represented a $30K increase in my base salary. I was also able to move back to Los Angeles to be closer to my family, which was important to me.