Jessica M.
Education Nonprofit

Mom of toddler pivoted into fully remote role for mission-aligned nonprofit with an $18K pay bump

I was unhappy in my role, felt overworked during certain seasons of the year, and was dissatisfied with the salary I was earning and the limited opportunities I had to grow in my career. My priorities were to increase my salary and to find a role that would stretch me intellectually and professionally while still allowing me to be fully present for my three-year-old son and my family. Priscilla helped me to adopt an abundance mindset and understand that while the process would have its ups and downs, the opportunities were out there and I was more than qualified to get them. I would not have pushed myself to talk with as many people as I did, and I certainly wouldn’t have explored as many career trajectories. I accepted a full-time position with an education nonprofit that is paying me $80K a year – an $18K increase from my previous salary – and that is 100% remote. I absolutely feel more confident in speaking with people to network and have a much better sense of my own boundaries, needs, and goals when it comes to my professional life. There were a couple of times during this process when I said no to an offer because I felt the role and/or salary was not aligned with my expectations, and it was because of Priscilla’s coaching, support and encouragement that I was able to step away from those opportunities knowing that something else better aligned with what I needed for my life would come along.