Kelly Grimes
Strategy Manager, Vital Farms

Kelly landed a six-figure “perfect job” in 2 months 


I was laid off unexpectedly at my last job but I wasn’t a perfect culture fit there. I wasn’t getting any traction from my job search. I’m naturally an optimistic person but the day-to-day of the job search often felt daunting and demoralizing. Working with Priscilla helped me feel far more confident going into interviews. I knew that if I passed the Priscilla test, I could pass the interviewer’s test, too. She helped me be thoughtful and strategic about my search, even from a “What gives me joy?” perspective. Within 2 months, I landed the best job for me, seriously. I can’t imagine a position more well-suited for me, in terms of the type of work, the industry, and the culture of the company where I’ve landed. Biggest learning: talk to as many people as possible