Engineer, Tech Sales & Entrepreneur

Nancy started her own Coffee Trailer Business after 7+ years of working in Tech Sales

I was working in an inside sales role for a major technology company for 6+ years. The job was stable to an extent, but I was no longer learning in my role. I felt unmotivated, stuck, and mentally drained at this point. I felt I had outgrown the role and began to wonder what my next steps should be.I was originally anxious at the thought of even pursuing an opportunity elsewhere. I felt my experience was limited, having only been at one company for the last six years. Through my work with Priscilla, specifically in identifying my strengths and “greatest hits,” I found a new confidence in my career portfolio. I don’t feel anxious anymore because I can speak about my strengths and accomplishments with ease. I know my skillset and experience is unique and valuable. After I identified my strengths, I noticed how they appeared in my daily life, and most importantly, in my current role. I grew confident because I had a deeper understanding of myself and acknowledged that my strengths were unique to my story and brand. This all led to one major “aha” moment, where I realized it was time for me to use my strengths to build something of my own and pursue my own endeavor: I took the ultimate act of courage quitting my job and launching my own business: Cenizo, a coffee trailer business in southeast Austin, TX. I’m incredibly thankful for this process because it helped me gain new confidence in my brand and experience.