On Episode 38, Nathalie Flores talks about how she figured out a way to fund a B.A. and MBA and prioritize financial freedom!

How to Avoid Debt While Pursuing a Graduate Degree, with Nathalie Flores

Have you ever wondered how people afford to attend elite programs or get fancy degrees? It’s not always just student loans – sometimes people save money or qualify for significant scholarships and funding. On this episode, we hear from Nathalie Flores, a Peruvian immigrant who navigated the U.S.

Many of us are the first in our families to go to college – let alone pursue a graduate degree. The financial investment can be scary and daunting – enough to totally scrap the idea. On this episode, Nathalie talks through how she funded her graduate plans.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How Nathalie’s decision to start out at a community college ended up being a BOSS financial move before transferring to Smith College

  • Why she chose to study engineering at a liberal arts college and how that landed her at Accenture making damn good money upon graduation

  • How she navigated the U.S. educational system as a Peruvian immigrant and still chose to take a risk and go to grad school

  • Why an MBA was worth the financial investment in the end for Nathalie

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Full Episode Transcript:



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