On Episode 59, find out how to get started with using LinkedIn: one of your BEST friends during the job search 

59. How To Get Started with LinkedIn For Your Job Search

One of the biggest mistakes that people make during their job search is NOT leveraging technology during their career exploration and job search through LinkedIn. LinkedIn lands thousands of people jobs on a daily basis, so why would you lose out on money and potential new opportunities by not using it?

What’s your relationship with LinkedIn? Love it? Hate it?

Regardless of how you feel about LinkedIn, you can’t afford to NOT use it during your job search. Period.


Y’all, the modern job search is broken. BROKEN. We no longer live in the old days where employers would advertise a job in a local newspaper, and candidates would CALL the hiring manager or MAIL in their application. In those days, employers received a manageable number of applications and the hiring manager ACTUALLY READ all of the apps!

In today’s world? We have the internet, and companies post their jobs EVERYWHERE, meaning that ANYONE IN THE WORLD can submit an application online. This results in one job posting receiving hundreds of applications and most of them never get read (sad but true).

How do you stick out? How can you make it to the top of the pile? 2 big strategies:

1) Networking: connecting with people who can HELP you, refer you, talk to you, open doors for you

2) Optimizing your LinkedIn: when you optimize your LinkedIn, you attract hidden opportunities and recruiters come to you with opportunities

On this episode, I tackle #1 and how to do this via LinkedIn (the easiest way to manage and engage with your network). I’ll teach you how to get started with LinkedIn, the 8 steps you need to take to get to a “basic” level, how to start building your network and begin to connect with relevant alumni.