On Episode 60, find out how to make sure you aren’t wasting time and energy applying to jobs that DON’T MAKE SENSE for you! 


Stop applying to jobs willy-nilly!

Be honest.
Have you ever kind of randomly applied to a bunch of jobs? Aimlessly, with no purpose, and “willy-nilly” – just throwing apps where anyone will catch them?
Look….I get it. Sometimes you have a bad day at work, or you get to such a level of desperation that you just want to APPLY TO ALL OF THE THINGS.
Applying to jobs feels productive.
It feels like you’re getting shit done.
Like you can say, “Hey, I’m making progress on my job search.”
But, let me tell you, this “strategy” can be one of the biggest wastes of time. It gets you nowhere.
And, when you start to get a bunch of rejections, you start feeling sorry for yourself and end up in a muck of frustration and “confusion”.
There’s a better way.
On this episode, I walk you through:
  • how to identify the RIGHT roles, based on your strengths, interests, skillsets
  • how to identify the right LEVELS to target, based on your years of experience and type of career change
  • how to use LinkedIn to learn more about the different job title names and descriptions that you want to target during your search
Do this work on the front end, and you’ll create a much more calm and intentional job search / application strategy where you will be much more successful. You’ll also be able to tailor your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile to your target role, which will make it more clear to the recruiter that you’re the right fit.